Welcome to A Unique Approach to Australian Football

Welcome to one of the most exciting websites dedicated to the much-beloved sport of football in Australia. We are not just a site that is going to give you the latest scores. We intend to go far beyond that because, after all, there is much more to football than just the win.

The purpose of this site is to further the already intense interest that exists with football throughout Australia. We hope that for those that are just beginning to show an interest in this sport that the information found here is going to expand the interest and create some new ways of thinking beyond the actual gameplay. To achieve this, the content here is diversified and interesting.

Time to talk Football

There are very few people that walk away from a Australian football game and then immediately put it out of their mind. Most want to savour the game whether it was good or bad. No better way to do this than to use the last game as the next topic of conversation when it the proper social setting. We have dedicated a post here on this very topic of talking about football.

The Icons

One of the downsides to football is when a football icon leaves the team or the league for good. This can be a difficult time for some sports enthusiasts who have latched onto a favourite player and one who has drawn the fan to follow their career for many years. To show the importance of this one of the posts highlights the very famous David Beckham featuring a little about his past and where he is headed today as a retired pro player.

This information and so much more is what you are going to find throughout the pages here and across our website