Finding Jobs in the Australian Football Industry

There is no mistaking that the sport of football is a very important one in Australia just as it is in many other parts of the world. Not only does it offer an amazing form of entertainment sports like this are critically important to the economy. Looking back at Australian historical figures they indicate that the football here gave the economy a lift of $1.64 billion on a yearly basis back in 2010. Although there may be ups and downs over the years in figures such as this, there is no mistaking that this is truly a game of importance on many different levels.

What Generates the Money?

There are many different avenues where the game of football can generate a pretty penny. The fans play an important role in this. There are massive amounts of money invested in memberships, ticket selling, and buying football related retail goods. Then the other side of the coin is the amount of jobs that the sport creates.

Employment in Football

When thinking about employment in Australian football for many the first thing that may come to mind is an opening in one of the many positions working directly with the team but, job opportunities go far beyond that. It is true that most are not as glorious as those taken up by the players themselves. But, at the same time without these other important positions being filled then football would not fare as well as it does. Meaning it would not be the money generator that it is. The following is just a short list of the many interrelated job opportunities that can arise for the sport of football.

  • Athletic trainers
  • Dietitians
  • Officials
  • Sports Broadcasters
  • Concession operators and additional staff
  • Security
  • Stadium personnel
  • Stats keepers

These are jobs that all have different entry levels. Many are working behind the scenes but they all play an important role when it comes to the fans wants and needs. Levels of pay can vary according to the positions, but some offer the opportunity to move up in the ranks where they can be turned into a full time and viable career.

Education for these positions can be selective as well. Some may require some formal training. Others offer on the job experience. Some individuals can use these to fill in as part time jobs. Others may want to travel where the team goes away from home making this their full-time employment.